Skin Treatments

Acne Pigmentation, Skin Lightening, Skin Whitening, Antiaging, Dull and dry skin, Melasma, Acne Scars

Skin Treatments

Skin is sensitive part of body, so we should take care of our skin. Our skin is affected due to climatic condition weather like summer and winter affect our skin. In this hectic life style people have no discipline in their life they are following odd rule and regulation in their life as late night work, crash eating these things directly or indirectly affect our skin. In summer when temperature rise above 40 degree then our body unable to tolerate heat and moisture. In this scenario we have to face different skin problem as under arm sweating, sweating in palm, legs and inner part of body this creates itches, ringworm, rashes on skin. In month of April and May when hot wave  blows across the northern India then our skin become dry on those days between 11 am to 3pm UV rays of Sun are strongest thereby harmful UV rays enters in your body theses rays are harmful for your skin that may lead you skin cancer. In winter, when cold wave blows across the northern hemisphere then our skin have to face several problems as dry skin, chapped lips and white rashes on skin.

Winter is pleasant but it is not pleasant for your skin in this weather your skin lose moisture thereby you face various skin problems. Well, skin problem not depend only on weather rather various factors affect our skin win passage of time people have to face various skin disease as Acne, common wart, Botox, Ethnic Skin and many other. But fortunately, with advancement of medical science you will get treatment of every skin disease, usually skin treatments are costly thereby middle class people can’t afford it, but you don’t need to worry because you will get treatment of skin problem from Mod Innovative Care at affordable price. You will get best Skin Treatment in Meerut, Dehradun and Haldwani at affordable price from best dermatologist. You will get experienced and qualified team; thereby you will get safe and secure surgical procedure from specialist team. Visit our clinic, you will definitely experience different atmosphere from rest of the clinic in country.

We provide following Skin Treatments at our center.

Keloid And Hypertrophic Scar | Microdermabrasion | Pigmentation And Melasma Treatment | Pediatric Dermatology Consultation | Microdermabrasion | Micro Needling | Chemical Peels -  Acne    Pigmentation, Skin Lightening, Skin Whitening, Antiaging, Dull and dry skin, Melasma, Acne Scars.